Services overview

With thirty years’ experience in strategy consulting in New Zealand and Australia there are few issues and aspects of business I haven’t encountered. I add value to clients’ businesses in three broad areas:

9 ways I can make a positive difference to your business

  • I focus on building data-driven recommendations. Yes, judgement and experience (yours and mine!) count for a lot, and can shortcut processes, but the final recommendations must rely on more than “I reckon” and “someone said”
  • I’ll give you my honest views and recommendations. Put another way, I won’t tell you what you want to hear, unless I agree with you.
  • I am trained to tackle complex business problems, distilling the key issues and how they relate to each other, and ensuring the analysis that flows from them is mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive
  • I don’t take on purely descriptive work. There has to be a worthwhile business question at the heart of my work. If you don’t pose one, I’ll pester you for it
  • I carry a mental catalogue of business patterns and success factors based on my long experience. Patterns that initially appear similar – but turn out not to be – are a particularly rich source of insights into how a business works
  • Throughout my career I have gathered and sanitised benchmarks on my favourite industry sectors so that future clients can understand their organisation’s relative performance
  • I have well-honed interviewing skills that allow me to uncover what your business partners really want and think
  • I combine a topflight “strat house” background from many years at The Boston Consulting Group with a solo professional’s cost structure
  • You have my experience and skills available all the time, I don’t delegate to juniors