My Values & Strengths

My values & strengths

Honesty & authenticity is the value that impacts my consulting clients most. If I see problems looming in your business or organisation, I’ll tell you. If I disagree with you, I’ll tell you. If I don’t believe I’m the right person for the job, I’ll tell you.

Perseverance means that I finish what I start, even when the problems are difficult and require sustained effort to solve. I aim to get the work done with good humour and to deliver what I’ve promised, sometimes more and never less.

Critical, but open-minded, thinking means I push for solid, data-driven evidence to reach conclusions and, for the sake of logic and thoroughness, I’m prepared to go down the odd rabbit hole. I’m also willing to change my views when relevant new information emerges.

Curiosity and love of learning make me interested in your business and they help me get up to speed fast, whatever your niche. They also makes me ask a lot of why? and why not? questions, drawing on the many different business situations and patterns I’ve seen.

Humour – as someone once said of me, “Sarah likes to laugh.”  I do, and I like to help people to laugh with me. A relaxed room and team is far more productive but mostly, of course, it’s more fun…