There are times when senior executives and CEOs feel they need…

… a fresh pair of eyes…

… a second opinion…

… a perspective from someone outside the organisation, uninfluenced by the local personalities and politics…

… input from someone with wide experience in business, in writing, and in telling compelling stories.

I therefore offer advisory services.

Specifically, I have helped senior managers put together key business documents, from drafting and writing to reviewing and polishing. Examples include Board papers, investment proposals, annual plans and new business plans.

Another advisory role I take is as a sounding board to chief executives and senior managers wanting to test their thinking on the options before them. And where necessary I’ve undertaken limited, targeted research to help the process, chiefly through key customer interviews.

Relevant strengths that I’ve honed over the years are being able to:

  • distil a swirling pot of issues so that clients end up clear about which ones are important, and how they fit together
  • spot the missing legs of an argument, as well as holes in the legs already crafted, and to advise on how to plug the gaps
  • capture key insights in simple frameworks to help clients see how options compare and contrast
  • plus, for free, you get what my children call a grammar nazi. You have been warned.

Lastly, you may be looking for an experienced facilitator for a strategy workshop or planning away-day. This isn’t my sweet spot but we can talk.