I’m Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes. I’m a business strategy consultant, and I work alongside senior business managers and boards to:Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes, business strategy consultant

  • Craft or refresh strategic plans, category reviews and market assessments
  • Realign operations and support functions for greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Identify the best, competitively advantaged, growth options from among a slew of possibilities
  • Develop commercially sound go-to-market plans for chosen growth options
  • Analyse where a business makes money, where it doesn’t, and what needs to change
  • Simplify complex business problems to a clear and manageable set of issues
  • Distill seas of information into key business insights for planning and strategy development.

Consumer-driven industries


I’m a highly experienced consultant and my work is rigorous. I go where the data and issues take me, because I care a lot about finding the right answer.

My strategy skills were honed through many years with The Boston Consulting Group, and I have a real enthusiasm for consumer-driven industries.

With a career spanning thirty years, I know the sort of projects I’m good at and the industries I enjoy. That’s why the work I like to do is exactly what it says on the can.